Something More

A few Words and Thoghts..

Dream On…

You and me
In this place again
Saying he same words
Without any fear in it
I feel you lips
And I almost shiver
How can a strong man
Be that weak sometimes
I touch your face
I ear you smile
I have to get your heart
I won’t leave you until i try
I remember this feeling
This same heart race
Every inch of your body
Every soft kiss.
This familiar place
That we call our own
There´s no place I’ll rather be
Than right here loving you.
I hold you close
Cause this may be the last time
My eyes wide open
Don’t want to miss a thing tonight
Close my eyes for a minute
Want to feel everything right
Feel the smell of you hair
The touch of your hands
The tone of your voice
All to good to be real
I just open my eyes to soon
Better keep on dreaming.


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