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Sometimes we are happy and we do not know it. We take things for granted, as if we were never gonna lose it and we focus on what we would like to have and leave aside the things we have and who needs us. After losing what we always had we see the reality, that we had something good, something valuable, something that many people would like to have and we just wasted it. Sometimes loss is the only way to learn what is important.

800 Grams

I had a short time talking to some good friends a great couple who have a son and I was very happy for them to know that everything is going well with the future partner of my Alexander, the great ninja Leonardo was born with 3 kilos and 666 grams and inevitably I started to think about Alexander and the impotence I felt with the situation that we were going through at the time he was born, I could not do anything at all, I could only trust the hands he was in and I knew they were the best possible hands. From seeing little Alexander passing from 1 kilo that was born prematurely to only 800 grams it left me sad and afraid, especially of touching him, so fragile, so small, there are books weighting more than 800 grams nowadays, almost everything that you can buy has more than 800 grams and to know that besides small and with light weight also knowing that he had many other problems for being born premature besides other difficulties that he had and the doctors didnt say and only later we find out it was devastating. But I knew, I knew he was a fighter, even so small I could see him opening his eyes and saying “I’m here” “I’m fighting” and I had a huge party and I was super happy when I hit the 1 kilo and the 2 kilos, could not be much but it was our fight, in the days of today babies are born almost all of term close to 3 or more kilos and this little fighter ended up being born earlier to see us cry and smile earlier. From 800 grams to 10 kilos always fighting and full of life. Can’t wait to see you with 20 kilos always a kilo at a time: D

Vegan! Why?

Answering this question with another, why not? Taking into account all the information that we have nowadays about how the animals are treated and how many of the health problems that we have are brought by the meat industry knowing also that it is healthier to leave the meat aside and knowing that nowadays there are many alternatives to meat. For me it’s all about information I’ve always eaten meat all my life but I never knew where they came from or how animals are treated or how they suffer so we can have a steak on the plate. The movie earthlings in Youtube was what made me change my mind from one day to the next, I made a radical change even without knowing what alternatives were at the time, but the truth is that there are many alternatives, I have not changed because it is healthier or because it is better for the environment, although this is a truth, I have changed for the animals. It does not feel good to “order” someone to kill innocent animals so that we can eat their meat and knowing how they suffer and live with made easy to change. Animals they can not choose whether they live or die but I can choose whether to eat them or not.

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Something More

A few Words and Thoghts..

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