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4 Reasons Not to Eat Meat

I am very proud to say that I have not eaten meat for a long time, 2 years without meat after spending 36 years constantly eating meat without stop and now that I no longer eat meat and I already have a greater knowledge about the industry and about food, I realize that I never really needed to eat what I ate, but I do not regret it because I know that I only did what I knew with the principles that were passed on to me. Eating meat does not make me stronger actually it can destroy many cells and I can get protein from many places other than meat, and the truth is that there are many reasons to not eat meat. I give you for example 4 reasons not to eat meat.
One of them is that it is better for your health, by leaving animal products out of your food we can avoid having heart problems, cholesterol, and other chronic diseases, although this is not my first reason for not eating meat for those who care enough about health not only avoids many diseases but can also heal many of them.
The price. It is also cheaper not to eat meat where to buy 6 steaks of chicken costs me 7€ or steaks at 5€ I can buy tofu of different varieties for half of these prices and gives you enough for double of the meals that you can make with meat.
The planet earth. It is better for the environment, this reason is very basic and visible although many people ignore it completely, the livestock activity is one of the actions that destroys our planet in a big way and is also one of the actions that we can control more. It is livestock that directly and indirectly causes more deforestation, pollution in the water, air pollution and worsens global warming. In recent years there have been more natural disasters than those in many past years and unfortunately tends to get worst. Our planet is changing and we need to do something about it, becoming vegans or vegetarians or having some of “Day without meat” once a week greatly reduces our impact on the planet.
Animal cruelty. This was my reason for becoming vegan, I always ignored this part while eating meat, I simply did not want to know about it and did not want to know the whole process until the meat came to my plate. Nowadays when taking notice of the whole process I simply cant ignore. I refuse to support the slaughter of innocent animals just to have a steak on my plate, the truth is that the animals have no choice if they live or if they die, the truth is that we humans have everything controlled, when we want animals to be born, what animals die at birth and which ones are used for the same work as their progenitor, something I did not know before and it really is a very cruel industry and these animals are not treated as animals, are treated as objects when they actually feel sadness, joy, suffering, hunger and need love as all beings on earth, although some animals have a life with more freedom in a few family farms the truth is that when they are sold to take advantage of the meat they have anything but a dignified end, with only a lot of pain. Tradition has simply been in charge of telling us what to eat and what we should have as “domestic friends.” After watching the video Earthlings on Youtube I said Stop and although I can not change what I did in the past I can now control what I do in the present and future and that is why I share the knowledge and today I finally treat all animals as equals.


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