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It´s for You

You and me
Have been broken by love one time
Me and you
We´ve been kick down and let it drown at a time
Do you see?
We both know what love is and lost it
I can see
Beneath your scars the incredible person you are
You and I
Already have been in that place we don’t feel like smiling
I know like you know
We can’t any longer trust even when simple words are said
You know like I know
There´s no fairy tails only insane crazy hurting love
I´m like you
I think love is a weakness that controls our hearts
You´re like me
You know a wonderful person it´s hard to find
Both our hearts
Understand that we can still have it all
I expect you know
That I only fight for what it is truly worthy
And I hope you know
It´s for you!


Someone that Knows

Its Hard to find someone who truly understands you. Someone who have been there, beneath your skin, someone that felt your pain. That accepts you for who you are and knows what it is to be Broken. When you find someone like that, make it Worthy…

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Soulpoetry is a site of poetry which touches upon a potpourri of themes. The author paints colorful pictures with words as he speaks of things he holds dearest to his heart: love, peace, courage, nature, hope, happiness, faith, respect, reality, and dreams. Through his word art, he reveals his wishes, beliefs, spirituality, and shares his experiences. He draws upon his rich experiences buried deep within his soul to portray life in two cultures, his native Haiti and the U.S.

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