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Love Today… Feat. Pedro

Hello there! Have you seen this world today?
Everything is different, everything has changed
What happen too the people? What happen too our hearts?
I use to see so much love around, now what I see is indifference
Relationships no longer last, love seems too pass so fast
They jump one to another, without given love a true chance
Seems no one is worthy and no one is fighting for it
No one tries to work and make it out; it’s all so superficial
I keep in my mind the memories of times that will last forever
The times no one can take from me of a love that binds
Where happiness was a reality and I never quit seeking it
But love today it’s so false long away from any story telling…  

Hello! Can you see me in the distance?
Remember when we used to dream? Dream of the one true love?
The ones which would put a smile on our face?
A reason to struggle through this damned life?
It’s not here anymore. It just flew away.
People are now as cold as ice
In a never ending emptiness of the lack of that love that left us
People don’t look to another and say: “That could be the love of my life”.
No. They begin to calculate every little aspect of their being.
How much money does he make? Does he drive a good car?
How can I compete with that? I have little
But every little thing I had, I have, and will have…
Would be for you… to make you smile
Because that would be the biggest fortune I would ever have… 

In the past love was strong and could last for decades
Even in the worst moments people would fight to make it
Cause what love builds was never meant to break, but too last
Today it’s like a red sign in our hearts, stopping us from given our best
And I feel like I’m in a world that I don’t belong anymore
There are so many heart breaks, too many headaches
I see them talking how much they love they boyfriends
But in front of me I see them cheating and I don’t want a love like this
They take our kindness for weakness but they can’t see
Love should keep us together not tearing us all apart
Cause if the most undeniable thing in our life and it´s forgotten
We close eyes, trying to hide, swallow dry but we live and die for love…  

We don’t my friend. We truly don’t belong here.
In this love forsaken world. People used to truly love one another
Nowadays things are just plastic,
Discarded whenever, for whatever reasons, without any reason
Why do we keep thinking about it? It’s not true anymore
It’s as a ghost wandering around our hearts, and our hearts can’t take it
We were meant to love
To feel the pure joy of kissing the one we want to hold hands with
The one who should be thinking about us, as much as we think of her
But… Does she become real, just because we want her to?
No. However, I’m still dreaming of her…
For some time now…

Dreams only exist for us too realize we are in a nightmare
Cause it will us give hope of things that may never became real
We keep lying to ourselves to think that it’s never that bad
But it always comes back; the sorrow in our chest comes alive again
Then they say they want a good kind of man, they are just tired
Of the lying, cheating and faking but when they have something special Someone who respects her and tries to leave a smile in her eyes the end is the same
They end up running back to the one that doesn’t even care, will this ever end?
I can’t stop wandering where this will takes us in the future.
Just filling those days with empty love from empty people
Taking the pleasure of the moment instead of taking the moment of love
But I know deep inside everyone, everybody will hold the tears for letting go that special one…  

And I see the rain outside, coming down…
They wash the dreams that once were true…and hopeful.
But… Can I say something? I still hope. I can’t escape from who I am.
But damn, this is really hard. It’s hard to hope when you can’t dream anymore
When you hate yourself for still trying when there’s nothing to try for
Even the word drives me crazy. Love. Love. Love. When is our time coming?
We deserve it? We may not be the best around,
but I know we have so much to give. So much good to do.
How can we hold so much love in ourselves?
So much happiness but we can’t feel it on our own? Will we ever?
I would give anything for one kiss of her lips
Your scent is stuck in my mind… And I can’t help to smell it everywhere I go… And it hurts… ‘Cause I know, it’s not mine to keep
And I try not to think too much of the many tomorrows… 
All I know is that Today our wanderer souls
still cower behind the shade of that love never forgotten…
But somehow hidden…


Our First Night…

I remember just like it was yesterday
I invite you to go out at night again
And you say No one more time
But then suddenly change your mind
You say lets go and all I did was smile
Going to pick you at work all seems fine
I look at you and you seem so beautiful I got blind
But no expectations where crossing my mind
Just you and me having a good time
Pass through a bar that seems right
We talk about life and past relationships
I say my instant and fool jokes and you smile
While you smile I get daze by it
And your laugh makes me fall a little further
Our conversations they get interesting
We got so much in common on the way of think
I no longer see just how beautiful you are
But also that attractiveness beneath your scars
And I never knew who closed we´ve been
We got the same story that makes us bent
But as we see it it´s time to go
You got to catch the last subway home
But something screams inside of me
And I ask you “can’t you stay”?
You smile and say “Yes, why not”
The first train it´s too late in the morning
Let’s keep talking like there´s no tomorrow
It´s funny as we take back to the streets
I see an exercise magician friend of mine
I ask him to show you a few magic tricks
And I got amazed of how you behave
You laugh and smile taken by surprise
Like a 5years old children on his birthday
And I just stood there looking at you
Seeing you so happy and amazed by it
I never saw someone so alive like you
Enjoying the simple things in live
When I thought there was no one like you
I just find you and that leaves me with no words
So we step on a new bar playing good songs
We get some drinks and keep talking along
Here we are face to face and it´s funny
It´s like I know you a long time like forever
We are two lost souls in a lost world
With a pain so hide inside us we can’t even see
Little by little we talk more with the eyes
We got both cell phones on the table
I just pick yours and start playing with it
You beat me up I taunt you up
We got interrupted by some sells man
And just cross my mind to buy something to remember
You chose a litter that´s present till today
I release deep breaths as I look at you
You show your smile at the stupid things I do
We stay like no one else is present
But it is already the bar closing time
We exit to the streets having fun
No one is around the streets are empty
Like a stage the world it´s ours to act
You mock me with my phone on your hand
I provoke you to be careful of what you do
Then chemistry revolves me and you
I grab you trying to take my phone
You laugh and tease me even more
I tickle you till you lose your concentration
I grab you till you fall down and I giggle
You run away and smile like your winning
I got you against the wall trap against me
Got your hands and your body next to mine
We are just tired and yet laughing
But the heart beats faster and faster
We are cheek to cheek taking deep breaths
But in my mind something tells to not kiss you
And I let you go one more time
But you just play me and stick the tongue out
I grab you up in the air and lay you down
But as I try to restrain you I look at you
Both smiles are gone and just boost me
 I kiss you and grab you hair
You kiss me back and pull my head
Has we end we laugh even more
We are lying right on the middle of the street
I pick you up and my lips run to yours
And although I never did it in the past
It feels so familiar like we’ve been here before
How we shake hands and how we kiss
May sound strange but seems so natural
We end our night on corner of a street
Offer you my jacket and arms to keep you warm
Just stood there gaze at the stars
And the rest of the romance
It´s only for us to reminisce…

Letter to Him…

Hello there
You probably don’t know me
Probably just ear a little about me
But that doesn’t really matter at all
I don’t know you
And I don’t even know your name
But what it´s written here is for you
This means only one thing
It means you are where I once was
With her by your side
I would trade everything in the world
To be where you are currently
I would give all I am and have
But that don’t matter right now
If you are with her that means a lot
She is not like anyone you´ll know
And I don’t need to know who you are
Because I know she will rock your world
At the first point if you are reading this
It means that you two are together
It implies she see in you someone special
It means she think in you
That you end up being not just anyone
You change her heart you made her happy
And believe me when I told you she deserves it
She went through so much in the past
The other guys she had didn’t know
The unique kind of woman she really is
And I’m not afraid to call them fools
I’m going to tell you something as a man
I know mans always got that need for space
How much we may love her
Everyone needs their private place
And we are not that different
So if you ever feel that way tell her
You´ll see how amazingly compressive she can be
And even if she don’t ask you that
Give her that same space back
She got a life before she met you
And yes family is one of them
It´s amazing how close up they are
And I know it´ll make you think in a family with her
She loves the honest laughs
Too listening to her rock music out loud
Too smile without any concern
And too be embraced when she´s a sleep
She is a fighter she says what’s on her mind
But you know some things she will hide
Things she will think as weakness
Loving someone it´s hurt full
And sometimes she may not show
Cause she already lost that much
But love her with all that you have
Love her with your mind and heart
Be yourself and she will be at ease
She is a rock star and exotic
A stylish woman and yet so simple
She sexy from head to toes
The one you should give your best to hold
She will take pictures of you two
And she will have one picture of you near
Take you to any familiar dinner she´ll go
And introduce you to everyone with a smile
I know she got that attitude
That really strong attitude
She may sometimes put herself first
Although she isn’t perfect she´s so worthy
There´s only a few women like her
But Honesty no one can truly compare
So before you make the mistakes I made
Think about all the things she did for you
Being there when you need the must
Taking care of you when you need it
Loving you and only you on her mind
It is the kind of love every man dream on
Do your best so you won’t end up like me
Cause she is worth living…

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