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How to mend a broken heart?
How to make things work?
When your world is tumbling down
How to hold on and move on?
You could blame other person
You can hate how things change
You can even say it’s Destiny’s fault
But nothing of that would make it better
you can read it on tarot cards
Delivered your palms for some faith
Some therapy to take it out your mind
But can any of that make this right?
No science cant explain that pain inside
When you see her in front of your eyes
Even the gentle persons would get anxious
Just by hearing her tone getting out her mouth
When the air gets hard too inhale
And the silence is just to loud too bear
Her face it’s all you wanna to see
But you can’t reach her she chose to be free
You keep on looking for a purpose
Try to run but your feet drag on the floor
You keep moving to find a motive
But your mind keeps coming back to her
While you avoid shed tears
She´s moving on hearing cheers
And you heart break for every time
That stories of her goes into your mind
You can run away and change city
Have a new work to make you busy
Even far away you can’t hide forever
Cause when you are alone the scars burn more
People end up doing things out of desperation
Being with someone trying to replace memories
Try too acting like someone that they are not
And that’s a situation that only can damage you further
Everybody talks about time that it can heal
But only makes you think of what could’ve been
Even the person with must knowledge in the world
Would lost words cause some scars they never close
No one really knows how too get through it
And the struggle goes on for the one you love
And no one you’ll know would ever take her place
Because when you’re really in love nothing is ever the same…


Touch #4

“Human beings are hard wired to connect. We are drawn to one another by our own chemistry. We produce attachment hormones that create intimacy. We build neural bridges that bond us, brain to brain, heart to heart. Those bonds, once formed, are not meant to be broken”

Frame it

chuck and blairTake pictures, mark the moments, freeze the feelings and frame the history. 

Someone that Knows

Its Hard to find someone who truly understands you. Someone who have been there, beneath your skin, someone that felt your pain. That accepts you for who you are and knows what it is to be Broken. When you find someone like that, make it Worthy…


“When two points are destined to touch,
but a direct connection is impossible,
the universe will always find another way”


I still can hear your voice.
Calling my name on the cold nights.
All the memories are letting me insane.
And my tears fall missing those times.
I wanted to hold you strong.
Share a little more time with you.
Be there when time where cold.
And be everything you want me to be.
I wish i could turn back in time.
So i could hold you again in my arms.
Cause i miss the days you were mine.
Just us and bout our hearts.


couple Nobody ever said it was Perfect, Only that was Worthy…

First Thought…

I often look in t he mirror.                                    
Cópia de shadow of youAnd i feel someone by my side.
With that love so pure.
That i know she’s meant to be mine.
I may be alone now but i know it’s not for long.
Cause i´m gonna find a way out.
To lead to her this feeling so strong.
Every Day after day.
I raise my face and smile.
Cause i know that someday.
I´ll have no more reasons to cry.
She’ll come and hold my hand.
And give me the happiest days in my life.
No more sadness or unhappy nights.
Cause i know everything Is gonna be alright.

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