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I can talk all day about music
Tell you about huge song and lyrics you can identify with
I can talk all day about movies
Tell you what I thing it’s the great interpretations and witch ones gets under your skin
I can talk all day about traveling
The places I love to see and people should go once in a lifetime
I can talk all day about human values
That everybody should respect each other and what´s the essentials in life
I can talk all night about love
And tell the crucial things to do so you don’t end up all alone
I can talk all night about relationships
How sometimes is a mess and how I take almost thirty years just to find a special girl
I can talk all night about friendship
How only few end up revealing your true friends and how important they are
I can talk all night about life
How it spins around and leaves you on the ground and you have to be strong to stand up
I can talk all day about mistakes
How some can take you out if track but you can do your best to emend that
I can talk all day about the web
Show you the links and videos I think you haven see it yet
I can talk all night about dreams
How you lose them and you got to be strong and keep moving on
I can talk all night about emotions
How you can’t truly control them and all you can do is your most to accept them
But when it comes to you
There are no words that came through. Nothing I have heard or learn can really describe you..
I just stand there… Speechless!


To All the Men

Commitment! If you going to get committed that is especial. It´s not like some people say; that you gonna be detained in someone or that you gonna lost your space. You will not. You just will have someone to share your good moments, someone that will be by your side at your worst. Too share your glory, someone that will support you when you fail. Can you imagine someone in your arms? Somebody you can rely on. Someone who you can be all that you are! Yes! It´s not easy like you see in the movies or series and never is the same. But will be probably the best part of your life.
If you are like me, you will be with someone that you really like. Someone that at your eyes and at your heart it´s different! That “one in a million” kind of women! A person you want to give your all, someone that respects you and want your best. And cheating is will never even be an option in your head. Just keep in mind that if she makes you happy, if she makes you smile even when you don’t feel like, if she takes your breath when you talk to her, if your heart race near her or by other words if you are in love. Keep it. Hold it. Build what you have. And whatever happens remember how it makes you feel. No matter the distance, no matter the problems, put your pride to the side and make it work. Cause if you don’t I promise. You will regret it latter. Think as one and put her first, you need your space and she needs her it´s normal. You got your friends and it’s for sure that she likes to spend some time with her friends. Don’t forget we are humans and some mistakes will happen you will be happier when you realize that, and you will be happier if you tell her what you feel. Be patience and be true.
It´s worthy you will see.

Everybody Hurts

Sometimes we hurt the ones we love most.
In those times we don’t realize and really don’t want to.
Sometimes we get hurt by the ones we admire.
We come too understand we are only humans and we make mistakes.


I’m tired of pain. Tired of memories that make it rain.
I’m tired of shame. Of mistakes made that I can’t change.
I´m filled with guilt. Can’t get out of me can’t take a break.
Sick of love songs. They reminisce the best days that won’t return.
Tired of silence. I need a lovely voice to calm my mind.
I’m Exhausted of the blizzard. Need that sunny day after the stormy night.
I´m tired of feeling down. Need the strength to get up and face the crowd.
I’m tired of love. Of being in love with someone so far-off touch.

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