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Love Today… Feat. Pedro

Hello there! Have you seen this world today?
Everything is different, everything has changed
What happen too the people? What happen too our hearts?
I use to see so much love around, now what I see is indifference
Relationships no longer last, love seems too pass so fast
They jump one to another, without given love a true chance
Seems no one is worthy and no one is fighting for it
No one tries to work and make it out; it’s all so superficial
I keep in my mind the memories of times that will last forever
The times no one can take from me of a love that binds
Where happiness was a reality and I never quit seeking it
But love today it’s so false long away from any story telling…  

Hello! Can you see me in the distance?
Remember when we used to dream? Dream of the one true love?
The ones which would put a smile on our face?
A reason to struggle through this damned life?
It’s not here anymore. It just flew away.
People are now as cold as ice
In a never ending emptiness of the lack of that love that left us
People don’t look to another and say: “That could be the love of my life”.
No. They begin to calculate every little aspect of their being.
How much money does he make? Does he drive a good car?
How can I compete with that? I have little
But every little thing I had, I have, and will have…
Would be for you… to make you smile
Because that would be the biggest fortune I would ever have… 

In the past love was strong and could last for decades
Even in the worst moments people would fight to make it
Cause what love builds was never meant to break, but too last
Today it’s like a red sign in our hearts, stopping us from given our best
And I feel like I’m in a world that I don’t belong anymore
There are so many heart breaks, too many headaches
I see them talking how much they love they boyfriends
But in front of me I see them cheating and I don’t want a love like this
They take our kindness for weakness but they can’t see
Love should keep us together not tearing us all apart
Cause if the most undeniable thing in our life and it´s forgotten
We close eyes, trying to hide, swallow dry but we live and die for love…  

We don’t my friend. We truly don’t belong here.
In this love forsaken world. People used to truly love one another
Nowadays things are just plastic,
Discarded whenever, for whatever reasons, without any reason
Why do we keep thinking about it? It’s not true anymore
It’s as a ghost wandering around our hearts, and our hearts can’t take it
We were meant to love
To feel the pure joy of kissing the one we want to hold hands with
The one who should be thinking about us, as much as we think of her
But… Does she become real, just because we want her to?
No. However, I’m still dreaming of her…
For some time now…

Dreams only exist for us too realize we are in a nightmare
Cause it will us give hope of things that may never became real
We keep lying to ourselves to think that it’s never that bad
But it always comes back; the sorrow in our chest comes alive again
Then they say they want a good kind of man, they are just tired
Of the lying, cheating and faking but when they have something special Someone who respects her and tries to leave a smile in her eyes the end is the same
They end up running back to the one that doesn’t even care, will this ever end?
I can’t stop wandering where this will takes us in the future.
Just filling those days with empty love from empty people
Taking the pleasure of the moment instead of taking the moment of love
But I know deep inside everyone, everybody will hold the tears for letting go that special one…  

And I see the rain outside, coming down…
They wash the dreams that once were true…and hopeful.
But… Can I say something? I still hope. I can’t escape from who I am.
But damn, this is really hard. It’s hard to hope when you can’t dream anymore
When you hate yourself for still trying when there’s nothing to try for
Even the word drives me crazy. Love. Love. Love. When is our time coming?
We deserve it? We may not be the best around,
but I know we have so much to give. So much good to do.
How can we hold so much love in ourselves?
So much happiness but we can’t feel it on our own? Will we ever?
I would give anything for one kiss of her lips
Your scent is stuck in my mind… And I can’t help to smell it everywhere I go… And it hurts… ‘Cause I know, it’s not mine to keep
And I try not to think too much of the many tomorrows… 
All I know is that Today our wanderer souls
still cower behind the shade of that love never forgotten…
But somehow hidden…


To All the Men

Commitment! If you going to get committed that is especial. It´s not like some people say; that you gonna be detained in someone or that you gonna lost your space. You will not. You just will have someone to share your good moments, someone that will be by your side at your worst. Too share your glory, someone that will support you when you fail. Can you imagine someone in your arms? Somebody you can rely on. Someone who you can be all that you are! Yes! It´s not easy like you see in the movies or series and never is the same. But will be probably the best part of your life.
If you are like me, you will be with someone that you really like. Someone that at your eyes and at your heart it´s different! That “one in a million” kind of women! A person you want to give your all, someone that respects you and want your best. And cheating is will never even be an option in your head. Just keep in mind that if she makes you happy, if she makes you smile even when you don’t feel like, if she takes your breath when you talk to her, if your heart race near her or by other words if you are in love. Keep it. Hold it. Build what you have. And whatever happens remember how it makes you feel. No matter the distance, no matter the problems, put your pride to the side and make it work. Cause if you don’t I promise. You will regret it latter. Think as one and put her first, you need your space and she needs her it´s normal. You got your friends and it’s for sure that she likes to spend some time with her friends. Don’t forget we are humans and some mistakes will happen you will be happier when you realize that, and you will be happier if you tell her what you feel. Be patience and be true.
It´s worthy you will see.

Dont Stop

dont stopDo never drop hope, don’t stop doing the things you love
And never stop believing in yourself



I am in the airport, thinking about leaving. No matter where and no matter how! A new leaf a new chapter to my story! Fresh new people, new country and a different language! Explore the new places, adventure in the new paths. My Brand new start maybe! Build new friendships, uncommon streets to know and also have a small peace of mind.
But I know that no matter the place you travel, if you have problems, no matter where you go they go with you. But it can help a little.


Take my heart
Make him a new home
Take my soul
Take care as your own
Take my mind
You´re all I think anyway
Take my hands
Hold on I’ll keep you safe
Trust me your kiss
It´s all I want, forever your lips
Give me your hopes
I´ll try making them true
Tell me your fears
To know why fall your tears
Say what makes you cry
So I can do my best to make you smile
Like a brand new start
It’s a long road but we can get far
Overlook the past
Learn with the mistakes that make us sad
Let’s make it special
A place only you and I can share it
Let’s make things better
Love isn’t easy but we´ll make it together

I Know…

This is a strange world! One day we are on top in the other we are down and everything turns bad. And I get it. I have been there to many times. In that part of life that part of life you fight to be strong, you try to make right what is wrong and sometimes you can’t take it. Sometimes is just too much, it’s a weight to heavy to carry. When we give our heart to someone we think is worthy, we give it all, we open ourselves and we accept the imperfections of the other person and that´s when we realize we are in love. We take the other person as it is. We think on a future with it. We fight and don’t give up and doesn’t even matter what other people may think cause if is right to you, you go for it. And I know. Hurts to see the person we love with someone else. More than words can explain I know it hurts like hell, and no matter what people say, nothing can make things better. Only time! And even time sometimes fails to succeed. So the best is to keep your chin up a smile on your face and try to keep moving forward. You may get surprised occasionally. 


My mind is lost
My heart is bent
My life is crush
What happen to me? 
My eyes carry anger
My hands close tight
My body tremble
To a struggle I can’t fight
I feel fear
I lost faith
There´s no hope
Nothing is the same
I lost you
I lost myself
How to get through
Living inside this hell
Look at me now
Not the same man
A different history         
The same end

Imperfect us…

It´s hard to see someone you love with other guy.
And I often imagine somebody else holding you close.
Hurts to know that is someone else on your mind.
And he pleases you when you got that fire in your eyes.
Caressing your face, tell you everything is ok.
You´ll say you love him and someday I know he´ll feel the same.
Kissing you the same way that I love to kiss you.
Playing with your hands the way I like to do.
Does he know and love every inch of you body?
Like I know and love like when you where by my side.
I miss how you where so perfect in those arms of mine.
And how your laugh could make me smile all the time.
There´s no words I can say to spell it right.
I just miss the perfect imperfect us.

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