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Last Thought/Thank You

I ear the claps
I see the vows
The curtain is closing
Its time to leave the stage
The weasels so load
The voices shout
But In a blink of a eye
I´m by my own gazing the sky
Was it all in my head?
All that happened, what it was instead?
It turns my world in little pieces
Come from the darkness to make me his victim
Nothing I was I will I ever be
Once more I walk the lone road again
To take my learn lessons to someone else
But always wanting you…

This is my last post. So I just wanna say a quick “Thank you” to everyone that had followed me.
For any like any commentary and every quick look on my posts, I thank you.
I´ve started this Blog just to take out of my mind all that I was thinking and to put my creativity to work.
So I thank you all for your support and true opinion about all my thoughts.


Frame it

chuck and blairTake pictures, mark the moments, freeze the feelings and frame the history. 

Just Words…

Words! Easy things to pronounce. We often say so many, some true, some false, many of the times we don’t even know what we are really saying. They are so important in our way of living but yet we keep on forgetting that. They are so essential to us. They can save a life; like a man so desperate and lost that feels he got nothing to live for, sometimes a simple thank you our glad you´re here can give hope to the man, make him look forward to better days.
It´s a wonder why we dismiss words so badly when we should use it for better purpose. I miss you, I Love you and I care about you.
The most simple words could be said when a true meaning is there, however we so often forgot to say them; some people confuse it for pride or weakness when simple words cost nothing at all.words


I still can hear your voice.
Calling my name on the cold nights.
All the memories are letting me insane.
And my tears fall missing those times.
I wanted to hold you strong.
Share a little more time with you.
Be there when time where cold.
And be everything you want me to be.
I wish i could turn back in time.
So i could hold you again in my arms.
Cause i miss the days you were mine.
Just us and bout our hearts.


couple Nobody ever said it was Perfect, Only that was Worthy…

First Thought…

I often look in t he mirror.                                    
Cópia de shadow of youAnd i feel someone by my side.
With that love so pure.
That i know she’s meant to be mine.
I may be alone now but i know it’s not for long.
Cause i´m gonna find a way out.
To lead to her this feeling so strong.
Every Day after day.
I raise my face and smile.
Cause i know that someday.
I´ll have no more reasons to cry.
She’ll come and hold my hand.
And give me the happiest days in my life.
No more sadness or unhappy nights.
Cause i know everything Is gonna be alright.

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