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Touch #6

“The point where all things were possible. The moment when a choice was made, or an action taken. The breath inhaled before a first step forward. And the most lasting chain reactions that are started by those moments and actions and choices… are always the ones that are started by love”



I can talk all day about music
Tell you about huge song and lyrics you can identify with
I can talk all day about movies
Tell you what I thing it’s the great interpretations and witch ones gets under your skin
I can talk all day about traveling
The places I love to see and people should go once in a lifetime
I can talk all day about human values
That everybody should respect each other and what´s the essentials in life
I can talk all night about love
And tell the crucial things to do so you don’t end up all alone
I can talk all night about relationships
How sometimes is a mess and how I take almost thirty years just to find a special girl
I can talk all night about friendship
How only few end up revealing your true friends and how important they are
I can talk all night about life
How it spins around and leaves you on the ground and you have to be strong to stand up
I can talk all day about mistakes
How some can take you out if track but you can do your best to emend that
I can talk all day about the web
Show you the links and videos I think you haven see it yet
I can talk all night about dreams
How you lose them and you got to be strong and keep moving on
I can talk all night about emotions
How you can’t truly control them and all you can do is your most to accept them
But when it comes to you
There are no words that came through. Nothing I have heard or learn can really describe you..
I just stand there… Speechless!

Touch #5

“Every day, every moment, every nanosecond, the world changes. Electrons bump into each other and react. People collide and alter each other’s paths. 
Change isn’t easy. More often, it’s wrenching and difficult.
But maybe that’s a good thing. Because it’s change that makes us strong. Keeps us resilient.
It teaches us to evolve”

Touch #4

“Human beings are hard wired to connect. We are drawn to one another by our own chemistry. We produce attachment hormones that create intimacy. We build neural bridges that bond us, brain to brain, heart to heart. Those bonds, once formed, are not meant to be broken”

Do You Know…

Did I ever told you
You are my world?
Did I ever told you
That I cant live without you?
Do you know that
You are the biggest part of me?
Do you know that
When you´re not around it’s hard to breathe?
Does your heart beat
Stronger when I’m close?
Do you feel weak
In each time we let go?
Because I know
I’m nothing without you here!
And I just wish
That your heart feels the same!
I found that once in a lifetime
And i´m gonna grasp it and never let go.
That one in a million love
The one is worth fighting for.

(Article that i wrote in late 90`s.)

Touch #3

“We can’t help but wonder how much difference one person makes in the world. We look inside ourselves, questioning if we have the capacity for heroism and greatness. But the truth is every time we take an action, we make an impact. Every single thing we do has an effect on the people around us. Every choice we make sends ripples out into the world. Our smallest acts of kindness can cause a chain reaction of unforeseen benefits for people we’ve never met. We might not witness those results, but they happen all the same”


My mind is lost
My heart is bent
My life is crush
What happen to me? 
My eyes carry anger
My hands close tight
My body tremble
To a struggle I can’t fight
I feel fear
I lost faith
There´s no hope
Nothing is the same
I lost you
I lost myself
How to get through
Living inside this hell
Look at me now
Not the same man
A different history         
The same end

Happy Birthday

So it is. My especial day has come. Happy birthday to me! People ask me what would i like to get as a present, all I can say is “her beside me” in that way i thought it would be instead of the way i wish it could be. Today, exactly in this day would be the day that i also celebrate love, our love, our first kiss, our first strong hug, the first night. The first time she look at me as she could see right through my soul, the moment i look at her and think that she was so special, so pretty, a rebel angel in this arms of mine. Suddenly the taste of life does not feel the same. Time has change! The jokes don’t make me laugh anymore. I guess things are not the same. Not without her. 

More Than Words

Sometimes we need to talk with actions.
Show our heart, express our intentions and show our love.
Cause actions speak louder than words.
More than Words

Touch #2

“7 billion people on a small planet, suspended in the vastness of space and we are alone. The meaning of all this is the great mystery of our fragile existence. Perhaps the fact of being alone in the universe unites us, makes us depend on each other for small things, creating a quantum correlation between you and me, between us. And if this is true, then we live in a world where anything is possible”

Same Feel…

Gone to see you again and i’m nervous as hell.
I have missed you, because you leave me all by myself.
After all this time i didn’t wanted to leave you at all.
But i wasn’t given no choice was you who say farewell.
Feels like the first time i’m unquiet and anxious.
Going to look into your eyes and i just stressed.
How a strong man like me can turn that weak.
You got that power, i am myself you got all of me.
You salute me with your smile and that shine in your eyes.
If there’s been something right were you by my side.
The tone of your voice seems so smooth and true.
Remind me of those hard days that we get through.
You can smile, Laugh and even cry i want you to know i’m here.
Just give me a call i promise i´ll go running to get there.
You where an essential part of me that sadly had to let go.
But i’ll be there cause you´re worthy to me and you already know.
You already say goodbye once so why do i feel so bad again.
I know it can’t be much worst and nothing can be the same.
I am already missing you and you still here exactly by my side.
Kiss goodbye, hello to the lonely nights, hope everything ends just fine.

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