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Father Tai(Dad)

I always thought that the first word of you was father or a mother, an airplane or balloon, words that we said every day and that I thought it was something you wanted to say soon. But I already knew that you had your attitude and you liked to do and say what you want and not what others want. You always talked a lot but in your own language, the launguade we know nothing, nothing at all, only closer to 2 years is when you started to say milk because it is something that you like and you have the habit of drinking although I have insisted many times for you to ask for it but without much effect and only with a big smile from you. And your first correct word was Car, because there’s really nothing you like to play more than cars, I remember going to your cousin Santiago’s house and he having several giant boxes with cars on it and you took them all one by one you rolled the wheels to see if they worked and you put them aside and in less than nothing you started calling cars everything that was like wheels that sometimes it got me confused because you point to the air conditioning of those exteriors and calls it car it always makes me laugh. Then you learned to ask questions with a quick “there”. But I still remember the day when you come running to the bed where I was and you say Tai (In Portugues Pai means father, so he changed a word) and whenever I’m not with you and I remember you calling me Tai it always makes me happy and sad at the same time. It’s been more than a year where I’m with you every day for 24 hours which is what most parents would like to be and in a way I have created a bond and closeness with you that is very rare to anyone has with their children but all my days are good days since you are by my side, on the days when I cry, on the days I do not have the strength you always have a smile on your face that immediately improves my day 100%. And now and forever I will be proud to be your Tai and if you do not have someone who really understands you, I will at least never give up trying, because nobody is as much a part of me as you are.

Are Vegans Superiors?

I’ve heard some people say that vegans are superior to others and that they criticize people who are not vegan. And it is true that vegans are superior, but they are superior to what they were not to others, most vegans have already eaten meat and had a transition from being a meat eater and not knowing how the meat industry works and they became someone who stopped eating meat and started to eat the alternatives as I did. And it does not only have to be with knowledge about all the animal’s course but also about health and all the tricks that are made by the industries, it makes sense that the vegan is superior and is normal because everyone in the world knows that what is done to the animals is wrong but it takes courage and will power to break the bond and the tendencies of parents, grandparents, great-great-grandfather and so on. So for those who do not eat meat there is no need thinking that vegans are superior to you, they are only superior to themselves, but there is many activists who want you to see from their point of view, just as most vegans have seen from the point of view of someone that eat meat but if it were not for these vegans activists showing the truth, probably a lot of people still be eating meat today. About the vegans criticizing what people eat, I do not believe that the proper term is to criticize, but it is normal to talk about all the process, for example, the steak that you got on the plate it is an animal, it was taken away from their parents as soon as they are born, the are treated really bad, poorly fed, injected with antibiotics and many other things, living in places with little space and many diseases, and used and raped in the case of female cows to give milk almost to the death, and even when near death they get to an incalculable suffering. It is difficult to hear that what you are eating is an animal I know that and I went through it. If you think that cows, for example, die without suffering, you are completely mistaken and I am not surprised because I was also mistaken and did not know what they actually do to cows to kill them, and the truth is that some go to be cut for steaks still half alive. Can you imagine seeing a cow to be removed the skin while they are still alive, dont need to imagine it cause you can see it. Is there anything more cruel? So if you think that vegans are being critical think of putting the animals that you like, a dog or a cat in the place of these other animals, yes because there are other places where they eat dogs for example, now imagine a dog go through this process without ever been free and without having a moment of happiness. A dog, cow, cat or pig is all the same.
Do not be deceived who do not think they are. They are both animals that can love us, can be our companions and feel what we feel.

4 Reasons Not to Eat Meat

I am very proud to say that I have not eaten meat for a long time, 2 years without meat after spending 36 years constantly eating meat without stop and now that I no longer eat meat and I already have a greater knowledge about the industry and about food, I realize that I never really needed to eat what I ate, but I do not regret it because I know that I only did what I knew with the principles that were passed on to me. Eating meat does not make me stronger actually it can destroy many cells and I can get protein from many places other than meat, and the truth is that there are many reasons to not eat meat. I give you for example 4 reasons not to eat meat.
One of them is that it is better for your health, by leaving animal products out of your food we can avoid having heart problems, cholesterol, and other chronic diseases, although this is not my first reason for not eating meat for those who care enough about health not only avoids many diseases but can also heal many of them.
The price. It is also cheaper not to eat meat where to buy 6 steaks of chicken costs me 7€ or steaks at 5€ I can buy tofu of different varieties for half of these prices and gives you enough for double of the meals that you can make with meat.
The planet earth. It is better for the environment, this reason is very basic and visible although many people ignore it completely, the livestock activity is one of the actions that destroys our planet in a big way and is also one of the actions that we can control more. It is livestock that directly and indirectly causes more deforestation, pollution in the water, air pollution and worsens global warming. In recent years there have been more natural disasters than those in many past years and unfortunately tends to get worst. Our planet is changing and we need to do something about it, becoming vegans or vegetarians or having some of “Day without meat” once a week greatly reduces our impact on the planet.
Animal cruelty. This was my reason for becoming vegan, I always ignored this part while eating meat, I simply did not want to know about it and did not want to know the whole process until the meat came to my plate. Nowadays when taking notice of the whole process I simply cant ignore. I refuse to support the slaughter of innocent animals just to have a steak on my plate, the truth is that the animals have no choice if they live or if they die, the truth is that we humans have everything controlled, when we want animals to be born, what animals die at birth and which ones are used for the same work as their progenitor, something I did not know before and it really is a very cruel industry and these animals are not treated as animals, are treated as objects when they actually feel sadness, joy, suffering, hunger and need love as all beings on earth, although some animals have a life with more freedom in a few family farms the truth is that when they are sold to take advantage of the meat they have anything but a dignified end, with only a lot of pain. Tradition has simply been in charge of telling us what to eat and what we should have as “domestic friends.” After watching the video Earthlings on Youtube I said Stop and although I can not change what I did in the past I can now control what I do in the present and future and that is why I share the knowledge and today I finally treat all animals as equals.


I often find myself thinking that I have abilities to do much better, is it at work, emotionaly, physicaly, the attitude and life in general. At the end of the day I think we all have the capacity to do more of than we already do. But slowly, as if by surprise, there comes that voice deep inside us saying that no, we do not have the capacity do better and to have the best, a voice of fear of insecurity, we all have certain demons inside us some more stronger than others, some that always mark our life, that make us doubt, that always make us expect the worst. The human being himself always looks for evolution and ways to improve, ways to have, to achieve more, we are creative in many ways, we are patient and constructive. We always have the ability to become better than what we are without proving anything to anyone. The hardest part is perhaps to turn off those voices of fear and insecurity within us that prevent us from believing in our abilities.


Sometimes we are happy and we do not know it. We take things for granted, as if we were never gonna lose it and we focus on what we would like to have and leave aside the things we have and who needs us. After losing what we always had we see the reality, that we had something good, something valuable, something that many people would like to have and we just wasted it. Sometimes loss is the only way to learn what is important.

800 Grams

I had a short time talking to some good friends a great couple who have a son and I was very happy for them to know that everything is going well with the future partner of my Alexander, the great ninja Leonardo was born with 3 kilos and 666 grams and inevitably I started to think about Alexander and the impotence I felt with the situation that we were going through at the time he was born, I could not do anything at all, I could only trust the hands he was in and I knew they were the best possible hands. From seeing little Alexander passing from 1 kilo that was born prematurely to only 800 grams it left me sad and afraid, especially of touching him, so fragile, so small, there are books weighting more than 800 grams nowadays, almost everything that you can buy has more than 800 grams and to know that besides small and with light weight also knowing that he had many other problems for being born premature besides other difficulties that he had and the doctors didnt say and only later we find out it was devastating. But I knew, I knew he was a fighter, even so small I could see him opening his eyes and saying “I’m here” “I’m fighting” and I had a huge party and I was super happy when I hit the 1 kilo and the 2 kilos, could not be much but it was our fight, in the days of today babies are born almost all of term close to 3 or more kilos and this little fighter ended up being born earlier to see us cry and smile earlier. From 800 grams to 10 kilos always fighting and full of life. Can’t wait to see you with 20 kilos always a kilo at a time: D

Vegan! Why?

Answering this question with another, why not? Taking into account all the information that we have nowadays about how the animals are treated and how many of the health problems that we have are brought by the meat industry knowing also that it is healthier to leave the meat aside and knowing that nowadays there are many alternatives to meat. For me it’s all about information I’ve always eaten meat all my life but I never knew where they came from or how animals are treated or how they suffer so we can have a steak on the plate. The movie earthlings in Youtube was what made me change my mind from one day to the next, I made a radical change even without knowing what alternatives were at the time, but the truth is that there are many alternatives, I have not changed because it is healthier or because it is better for the environment, although this is a truth, I have changed for the animals. It does not feel good to “order” someone to kill innocent animals so that we can eat their meat and knowing how they suffer and live with made easy to change. Animals they can not choose whether they live or die but I can choose whether to eat them or not.

Last Thought/Thank You

I ear the claps
I see the vows
The curtain is closing
Its time to leave the stage
The weasels so load
The voices shout
But In a blink of a eye
I´m by my own gazing the sky
Was it all in my head?
All that happened, what it was instead?
It turns my world in little pieces
Come from the darkness to make me his victim
Nothing I was I will I ever be
Once more I walk the lone road again
To take my learn lessons to someone else
But always wanting you…

This is my last post. So I just wanna say a quick “Thank you” to everyone that had followed me.
For any like any commentary and every quick look on my posts, I thank you.
I´ve started this Blog just to take out of my mind all that I was thinking and to put my creativity to work.
So I thank you all for your support and true opinion about all my thoughts.


How to mend a broken heart?
How to make things work?
When your world is tumbling down
How to hold on and move on?
You could blame other person
You can hate how things change
You can even say it’s Destiny’s fault
But nothing of that would make it better
you can read it on tarot cards
Delivered your palms for some faith
Some therapy to take it out your mind
But can any of that make this right?
No science cant explain that pain inside
When you see her in front of your eyes
Even the gentle persons would get anxious
Just by hearing her tone getting out her mouth
When the air gets hard too inhale
And the silence is just to loud too bear
Her face it’s all you wanna to see
But you can’t reach her she chose to be free
You keep on looking for a purpose
Try to run but your feet drag on the floor
You keep moving to find a motive
But your mind keeps coming back to her
While you avoid shed tears
She´s moving on hearing cheers
And you heart break for every time
That stories of her goes into your mind
You can run away and change city
Have a new work to make you busy
Even far away you can’t hide forever
Cause when you are alone the scars burn more
People end up doing things out of desperation
Being with someone trying to replace memories
Try too acting like someone that they are not
And that’s a situation that only can damage you further
Everybody talks about time that it can heal
But only makes you think of what could’ve been
Even the person with must knowledge in the world
Would lost words cause some scars they never close
No one really knows how too get through it
And the struggle goes on for the one you love
And no one you’ll know would ever take her place
Because when you’re really in love nothing is ever the same…

Touch #6

“The point where all things were possible. The moment when a choice was made, or an action taken. The breath inhaled before a first step forward. And the most lasting chain reactions that are started by those moments and actions and choices… are always the ones that are started by love”


So close
And yet so far
You couldn’t stop
Breaking my heart
There’s no sun
Only raining days
And cloudy nights
Sense you gone away
There’s no air
Only hope inside
That’s what I’m breathing
Sense you leave my side
You take my world
Turn it upside down
You take my knowledge
There are only doubts now
I knock your door
But you never answer
You take my words
Turn them to silence
I try so hard
To make you understand
I would give my all
Just to be your man
You turn my song
Make me hated
You make what I adore
In something I can’t take it
Pride feels the air
Vanish just by your name
Strength beneath my skin
Disappear when I see your face
I know you well
But I love you better
Just going through hell
You got me shattered
I pick my mind
And lost it in the stars
I’m so busy every time
But you get in and sublime
I just miss you
Like the sun misses the moon
And Like jack needs sally
All I need is you

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