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To All the Men

Commitment! If you going to get committed that is especial. It´s not like some people say; that you gonna be detained in someone or that you gonna lost your space. You will not. You just will have someone to share your good moments, someone that will be by your side at your worst. Too share your glory, someone that will support you when you fail. Can you imagine someone in your arms? Somebody you can rely on. Someone who you can be all that you are! Yes! It´s not easy like you see in the movies or series and never is the same. But will be probably the best part of your life.
If you are like me, you will be with someone that you really like. Someone that at your eyes and at your heart it´s different! That “one in a million” kind of women! A person you want to give your all, someone that respects you and want your best. And cheating is will never even be an option in your head. Just keep in mind that if she makes you happy, if she makes you smile even when you don’t feel like, if she takes your breath when you talk to her, if your heart race near her or by other words if you are in love. Keep it. Hold it. Build what you have. And whatever happens remember how it makes you feel. No matter the distance, no matter the problems, put your pride to the side and make it work. Cause if you don’t I promise. You will regret it latter. Think as one and put her first, you need your space and she needs her it´s normal. You got your friends and it’s for sure that she likes to spend some time with her friends. Don’t forget we are humans and some mistakes will happen you will be happier when you realize that, and you will be happier if you tell her what you feel. Be patience and be true.
It´s worthy you will see.

What About Love?

I know a little tale about a man
He got a little of everything
Everything in the world you could have
A really nice house and a pricey car
House in the hills with a stunning view
More money in the bank that he could count
Everyone tries to delight him
He got the power that few have
The power of money and business near him
He walks with a smile in his face
But buried inside there is emptiness
Cause there is just some things money cant buy
Late at night he gets home
But no one waits for him he’s alone
No one in his bed waiting to keep him warm
There´s a sadly true about this world
How much we try to fight it and deny it
We are nothing without love
Pride, selfishness or control
Should never be in the middle
We all should try our best with the ones we love
Cause I know how good it is when I get home
And see her in my bed sleeping waiting for me
I get close and she open her eyes and she smile
TV on and the remote near the bed
I try to be awake waiting for you she said
I Kiss her and lay down by her side and just rest
Love makes the strongest man weak
Love makes a poor soul rise
It´s crazy, wild, foolish, inconvenient and painful!
Love is what makes us strong
Love is what it makes us weak
But love is also the thing we cannot live without
It is that special thing
What make your life complete
That makes all the rest have some meaning
I know that man one day will find her
And he will see the rest have no value
And maybe they have a story that lasts forever..

Everybody Hurts

Sometimes we hurt the ones we love most.
In those times we don’t realize and really don’t want to.
Sometimes we get hurt by the ones we admire.
We come too understand we are only humans and we make mistakes.

Touch #4

“Human beings are hard wired to connect. We are drawn to one another by our own chemistry. We produce attachment hormones that create intimacy. We build neural bridges that bond us, brain to brain, heart to heart. Those bonds, once formed, are not meant to be broken”


I’m tired of pain. Tired of memories that make it rain.
I’m tired of shame. Of mistakes made that I can’t change.
I´m filled with guilt. Can’t get out of me can’t take a break.
Sick of love songs. They reminisce the best days that won’t return.
Tired of silence. I need a lovely voice to calm my mind.
I’m Exhausted of the blizzard. Need that sunny day after the stormy night.
I´m tired of feeling down. Need the strength to get up and face the crowd.
I’m tired of love. Of being in love with someone so far-off touch.

  • Denial. (
  • I’m Tired (

Dont Stop

dont stopDo never drop hope, don’t stop doing the things you love
And never stop believing in yourself


You & Me

I try so hard to forget you
I promise I try
To put in my mind it’s over
But it comes back all the time
I toss and turn with memories of you
It crash and burn how much I miss you
Were you all along that I need it
Was me that was supposed to keep it
Are you with someone new?
Is someone holding you tight?
Do you ever think about us?
All questions that cross my mind
Do you still have that smile?
Do you still have that bright in your eyes?
I know someone will come alive
When he gets to know you as good as I
I knew you were perfectly
I knew you had suffer like I did
And I never thought you where weak
You have a big heart you hide for safe
I remember when you told me
That what we had was crazy
Cause you where too scare to get hurt
And I reply that was a probable truth
You will damaged me and I’ll hurt you
That´s something we couldn’t change
True love can’t be without a little pain
So we give valor to what truly matters
And that was you and me

Your Friend…

Why do I see the people I love suffer?
I say so many times “if you are thinking in doing something crazy that you will regret later, call me. If you trying to trust someone that you don’t have sure you can trust, talk to me”.
But always turns the other way. And I get to see the ones I love in pain. I don’t say it´s wrong what they do; just that I know how much it hurts.
I just wish there was a way that I could protect you. And no matter what is our history, what have we done and what have we said. I care for you and that is something that wont change. I can only wish the best you can have. In this crazy world we live in from all, I wish you can find happiness. That peacefulness of mind and heart so hard to achieve! And yes, I´m here, I’m your friend and I love who you are.

All I Wish

To have you girl
It´s all I want
To give you my love
And share my life
Right by my side
Real close to me
Share the good times
And even the tears
Someone who cares
That I can believe.
Someone to make
My dreams come alive
It´s with that someone
That I´ll give everything
That one I want to stay
The rest of my life

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