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Dream On…

You and me
In this place again
Saying he same words
Without any fear in it
I feel you lips
And I almost shiver
How can a strong man
Be that weak sometimes
I touch your face
I ear you smile
I have to get your heart
I won’t leave you until i try
I remember this feeling
This same heart race
Every inch of your body
Every soft kiss.
This familiar place
That we call our own
There´s no place I’ll rather be
Than right here loving you.
I hold you close
Cause this may be the last time
My eyes wide open
Don’t want to miss a thing tonight
Close my eyes for a minute
Want to feel everything right
Feel the smell of you hair
The touch of your hands
The tone of your voice
All to good to be real
I just open my eyes to soon
Better keep on dreaming.


Why Love?

Why Love?
When love, is nothing more than a lack of control of what you feel.
When you know for sure that the beginning will also have an end. That will hurt as hell; will make you hard to breath, make the cold nights even colder, will tear you apart, make you feel that no one can help you. So why love? When everything you accomplish will make no sense without your love, when every picture, every place will make a pain in your chest, a pain to hard for you to keep, to strong for you to act as if is not there, just to deep to ignore. Your brain will betray you; will deliver you images you so hard try to forget, will bring you good memories of something that may not happen again. And you will ask yourself: don’t I deserve it? Am I not worthy? I thought it was my time! So why love?
When every love you find has an end!

More Than Words

Sometimes we need to talk with actions.
Show our heart, express our intentions and show our love.
Cause actions speak louder than words.
More than Words

Touch #2

“7 billion people on a small planet, suspended in the vastness of space and we are alone. The meaning of all this is the great mystery of our fragile existence. Perhaps the fact of being alone in the universe unites us, makes us depend on each other for small things, creating a quantum correlation between you and me, between us. And if this is true, then we live in a world where anything is possible”

Same Feel…

Gone to see you again and i’m nervous as hell.
I have missed you, because you leave me all by myself.
After all this time i didn’t wanted to leave you at all.
But i wasn’t given no choice was you who say farewell.
Feels like the first time i’m unquiet and anxious.
Going to look into your eyes and i just stressed.
How a strong man like me can turn that weak.
You got that power, i am myself you got all of me.
You salute me with your smile and that shine in your eyes.
If there’s been something right were you by my side.
The tone of your voice seems so smooth and true.
Remind me of those hard days that we get through.
You can smile, Laugh and even cry i want you to know i’m here.
Just give me a call i promise i´ll go running to get there.
You where an essential part of me that sadly had to let go.
But i’ll be there cause you´re worthy to me and you already know.
You already say goodbye once so why do i feel so bad again.
I know it can’t be much worst and nothing can be the same.
I am already missing you and you still here exactly by my side.
Kiss goodbye, hello to the lonely nights, hope everything ends just fine.

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Frame it

chuck and blairTake pictures, mark the moments, freeze the feelings and frame the history. 

Imperfect us…

It´s hard to see someone you love with other guy.
And I often imagine somebody else holding you close.
Hurts to know that is someone else on your mind.
And he pleases you when you got that fire in your eyes.
Caressing your face, tell you everything is ok.
You´ll say you love him and someday I know he´ll feel the same.
Kissing you the same way that I love to kiss you.
Playing with your hands the way I like to do.
Does he know and love every inch of you body?
Like I know and love like when you where by my side.
I miss how you where so perfect in those arms of mine.
And how your laugh could make me smile all the time.
There´s no words I can say to spell it right.
I just miss the perfect imperfect us.

Someone that Knows

Its Hard to find someone who truly understands you. Someone who have been there, beneath your skin, someone that felt your pain. That accepts you for who you are and knows what it is to be Broken. When you find someone like that, make it Worthy…

It´s Over…

So it is.
The end of you and me.
It’s been so long from where we came.
So many obstacles we get through.
So many emotions fulfilled us two.
But it is over.
And I’m sorry.
I wish I could be better.
I wish I could do more like you deserve.
It wasn’t perfect all the times.
But sure it was so worthy.
And it hurts.
Hurts the most.
Knowing that I was the one “one step back”.
Afraid I could fall in love that crazy way that I just did.
You show me that a broken heart could turn and love again.
And we where so happy and we both deserve to fell that way.
Was it my fault?
Was it yours?
Really don’t matter because I want you so much.
Want you more than I think I could, but I do.
You end up being the kind of person I always search for.
Someone amazing, sexy, smart, great lover and friend.
Dam it hurts.
I end up falling.
Falling by the way you smile, your perfect nose and funny laugh.
Intelligent mind, reliable lover the kind everyone tries to find.
Speak less do more the kind of way you are.
But it´s all gone and now and I’m all alone.
Wish turn back the time.
But it is all over.

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